Facebook (FB) Original Phising Site Making Method (Full Tutorial) In Wapka 2013

Facebook (FB) Original Phising Site Making Method (Full Tutorial) In Wapka 2013 By Amimul Ehsun Jobair

See Demo- http://withtahmina.wapka.me

What is Phishing ?
Phishing is a way of deceiving your victim by making him login through one of your webpages which is a copy of the original one. By doing so the fake webpage will save his
E-mail ID or username and password. This is used for criminal activities for stealing Credits Cards and So on.
Now we are going to make a fake
login page of Facebook Mobile.
Lets start the tutorial...
Step 1: [
Register a new Wapka Account First create a new wapka account from the link below.

Step 2: Login and choose your site >> Go to Admin Mode.

Step 3: Edit Site >>mail form>>
**Remember: Enable CAPTCHA pictures: Must UnMark it ..**

Now press Submit & Remember Don't set it admin mode.

Step 4: Now Make a source of ur site. Don't no about source view?
Go to http://wap0fbd.tk/wapmaster/source_viewer & put your site link in the box and view the source.....
Now the main work of this tutorial is collecting like the value="117465354" code by source.
You have to search that value carefully....

Next step>> After collecting the value="XXXXXXXX" code u Must hide the mailform in Admin Mode.
How to hide it on Admin Mode???
Ans: Go To Edit Site>user>Items visibility>Now click on X.

Now its Done.

Step 5:
Go to Edit Site >Global Settings>Headtag Meta style>Put this code.

<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="http://skfacebook.wapka.mobi/styles.css"/>
note: copy it carefully, its haven't any line break

Step 6:
Go Here http://pastebin.com/VW7gMWFc and copy the main Code Of Wapka Phishing Page..

Remember to replace value="XXXXXXX" to Yours.

Step 7:
At Last After Finishing All Work Now U Can Put This Code on your site at last.... For This Code Wapka Advertise will be remove from foot of your site......

Remember: U have to keep this code below of all codes.

**U have done it.**

Now the main Question that How can i get The Hacked User Name and Passaword?
Yes, U can get The hacked User name & Password at your Mail inbox which U have used in Wapka.mobi Registrating.
Thanks to all.
Note: This method only for Advanced WapMaster.

For Any Help U can write msgs here..... Hacker University

Copyright Facebook (FB) Original Phising Site Making Method (Full Tutorial) In Wapka 2013 (c) 2013 Amimul Ehsun Jobair
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16 responses to "Facebook (FB) Original Phising Site Making Method (Full Tutorial) In Wapka 2013"

Jasveer on 11:09 PM, 26-Aug-13

bro...please help me please...
i am unable to make my site...
please help me...please...
reply me on facebook..
Karan chouhan
please reply i Need help..

Abdullah Almahmud on 12:51 AM, 28-Aug-13

May be now you are done!!!!

ansh on 02:55 AM, 27-Sep-13

Bro is fb phising page k code ko paste kaha karna hai

Abdullah Almahmud on 10:54 AM, 28-Sep-13

don't understand what u say

saikot on 01:15 AM, 29-Sep-13

vai apnar phone number ta dan . Boro bipode porc

razu on 09:21 AM, 06-Oct-13

Vi headtag ta kaj kore na plz amar dan

Amimul Ehsun Jobair on 02:06 PM, 10-Oct-13

Bro, ekhane to copy paste korar box nai..... Main Post er link ta dile khushi hobo....

Abdullah Almahmud on 09:39 PM, 10-Oct-13

@Amimul Ehsun Jobair,
Pastebin a diye link disi biggrin

prince faraz on 08:11 PM, 14-Nov-13

Assalamualaikum bro i created before phising from this site but now am creating new phishing but this phishing link is not working what is the problem tell me plzz...

Abdullah Almahmud on 10:41 PM, 17-Nov-13

@prince faraz,
Walaikumussalam bro, please post your all problem on our Facebook group x which is given on footer of the post and the blog's navigation menu

munna on 04:02 PM, 01-Jul-14

bro i not understanding what r u tell i have an account in wapka

Abdullah Almahmud on 12:30 PM, 17-Jul-14

this post have fully detailed info, if you not understand then it's not for you.

because I've written in the post 'only for advance wapmaster'


Rahman on 12:57 PM, 21-Aug-14

Thanks brother..you are great

Aslam on 10:10 AM, 25-Aug-14

i maked a fb phishing.and its working.first 4 hours sented the link through facebook chating.then i cant sent through facebook has blocked the link.
there is any way to sent through facebook chating.
plz reply bro.

pratik on 05:32 PM, 29-Aug-14

plz help me bro...please help me please...
i am unable to make my site...
please help me...please...
reply me on facebook..
pratik bhosle
please reply i Need help..

raj on 09:55 PM, 15-Dec-14

thanks bro u r great

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